Weight-Monitor App Recensioni


Pretty much just junk, a waste of a couple of bucks. Needs to be taken off the App Store and dumped. Won't change to Pounds, won’t keep height, wants to start in 1982…. Like others, piece of junk.

Waste of Money

Zero functionality - DOES NOT WORK - won’t change to pounds, and won’t change date. Beware - do not purchase...

Useless app

Totally useless. Won’t switch to pounds, graph won’t switch from June 2011, no Help function at all, start/finish calendars don’t save entries and default to 1982 every time, height units preference won’t save either. A complete waste of money.


Opened up the app and could not use it. the program would not change Kkilograms to pounds. The support tab does not get you to support but only an advertisement for the company that wrote the program. If you go to contact, there is no work space to leave a memo about ones difficulties. In short the program does not work. Of no value to me or anyone else.

Using this program is a workout

I'm sure there are less user-friendly apps out there, but I'm having a hard time thinking of one. This is the least intuitive program I've worked with in a long time. It's great at yelling at you for all the things you're doing wrong, but a little less helpful in explaining what it wants. When I enter a number, some approximation comes up. For example, set a target weight of 150 lbs, my new target reads 153.9 Why? I have no idea. Good in concept, and if you can get it to work it does perform as advertised. It's getting it to work that's the key.

Faulty Graph As Well

I have the same problem with the graph not showing the historical data as well. Defeats the usfulness of the program. Don't buy until fixed.

Graph Faulty

Purchased this app a week ago. Enjoyed it at first. Loosing weight and feeling good. Turned it on today to record weigh in, and the graph isn't working properly. It has me gaining weight all week, but when you to the the monthly part, it shows my weight loss. Doesn't work correctly.

OK for starters

Like another reviewer, I'd like to be able to delete a user name (it defaulted upon purchase to my Apple ID, and wouldn't let me delete that)… I see that I can add a different name, but would like to have that screen empty of extraneous entries … the suggested method---under user data in Application Support in Finder --- didn't work. Should not have to go through a back door like that in the first place. Otherwise, this looks like a useful app, and the price isn't inappropriate.

Excellent Support

UPDATED REVIEW FOUR STARS for Excellent Support ... Posted my review and got help from Jim on how to manage user profiles in Weight-Monitor: To delete a user just remove the user's folder from the /Users/<your name>/Application Support/Weight Monitor folder. So either just delete it or move it somewhere else. THANK YOU! INITIAL REVIEW I bought this app for the multi-user capability and I soon discovered that you cannot delete the profiles of any users you create, nor rename the default user name that is generated by the app to begin with. Being able to manage user profiles (Adding/deleting/Renaming) is important ... especially since your app says that it can be used to look back at previous attempts to loose or gain weight. I see that as a good feature if one could for example rename a user profiles or delete them as needed. Joe's - Plant-Based Food Diet 2011 Mary - Doctor's Recommended Diet 2011 Mary's - Weight Watcher's Program 2010 Joe's - Low Carb Diet 2010 joe's etc.... Thank you for your efforts, I hope that I made my concerns clear.

Nice little weight tracking app….

This app was exactly what I was looking for. I was tracking my weight in Excel but the resulting column of dates and weights was hardly intuitive or motivating. This app makes tracking your weight a breeze, in a visually appealing way. Well worth the $1.99 that I paid for it!


works well. i would like to see them add a function where you can text your weight in

A Very Good App That Could Be Even Better

This is a very good tool for monitoring weight loss (or gain). I'd give it five stars if it allowed me to see the whole graph, and not just one month at a time, and if it projected when I'd reach my goal weight at the current pace of my weight loss to date.

Great App

Does what it says and works smooth ….

Not that great

The weight tracker is not good. You can't scroll to the left. Basically, all it does is let you input your weight.

Excellant little App

I've been using the weight monitor App for a little over a week now and find it excellant. It does everything I was trying to get a spreadsheet to do but couldn't. The runnning 10-day average weight line on the graph really gives a good idea as to how you're doing. Data entry couldn't be easier. I couldn't be more pleased.

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